Denis Ninine, Guadeloupe (1987)

Denis Ninine studied at the school of Visual Arts in Martinique where he received a DNAP (National Diploma of Visual Art equivalent BFA) in 2008. He has exhibited his work in noteworthy spaces such as T&T gallery due to various opportunities which have opened up the sphere of artistic engagement such as MAJALA, in which the artist took part . Ninine is a multidisciplinary artist who mixes various painting techniques with drawing and sculpture

Ninine is interested in the specifics of Caribbean history, identity and culture, his primary concern is how all this has become a moniker for the people from the Islands and how their Caribbean identity has been constructed by outside influences of a colonial legacy and asks what Caribbean culture is, in its singularity, diversity and collectively. Using the Rorschach studies in an intuitive way he questions the notion of identity and self representation revealing the link between Blackness ,psychology and representation.

Currently Ninine finds himself yearning to learn new things and to find a way where his work can speak for itself and for the Islands, which he feels have been underrepresented on a global scale.

Credit photo @cedrick.isham